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About the tour


√ Dramatic shipwrecks

√ Mountain safari

√ View over the Blue Lagoon and the island of Eldey

√ Moss-covered lava all around


Our Side by sides off-road buggies are growing more and more popular. They’re the perfect fit for the adventurous family, the group of friends who’d like to have a good laugh together buckled in a Mad Max feel-like cage on four wheels riding through our furious area. 

This is a great way to explore the nature and a have a thrill whilst doing it. 


Our path runs through various lava-fields, our old harbor which is now a recreational area with dramatic shipwrecks and over hundred year old foundations that remain unspoiled and protected for a reminder of the old life. We’ll ride through rocky mountain paths towards the summit of our ATV trailed Mt.Hagafell where we’ll have a 360’ panoramic view over our area where you’ll be able to see the Blue Lagoon, volcanic craters, overlooking to 

Mt.Fagradalsfjall where a historic US.military airplane crashed during the WW2 and much more. In other words, bring your camera!


Our guides are all highly experienced to outdoors and have great knowledge about their homeland and will share interesting facts with your group. They are the best in their business and will make sure you’ll feel safe on the tour. The buggies are very user-friendly with a automatic transmission and a heavy duty suspension offering great stability and each buggy hosts up to four persons. No prior experience needed, join us today ! :) 


The tour starts at our base at 11:00 and 15:00 



ISK13,900 per person for Ride-along with guide.

Self-drive you drive the buggy:

Four in the buggy: 14,900 ISK per person

Three in the buggy: 16,900 ISK per person

Two in the buggy: 19,900 ISK per person

One in the buggy: 29,900 ISK per person

Note we only have four buggies available but four people can sit in each so 16 people in total.

Age limit: 6 years, but driver´s license is required for ATV driver. 50% discount for children under 12.

Minimum: No minimum.

Duration: 4 +- hours including transport hours.

Includes: 1-hour ATV guided tour.

Pictures from this tour

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