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About the tour


You will experience:


√ Hot volcanic lava stones

√ Oldest lighthouse in Iceland

√ Bridge between two continents

√ Black sandy beach where Clint Eastwood filmed scenes in the motion picture Flags of Our Fathers


Our Side by sides off-road buggies are growing more and more popular. They’re the perfect fit for the adventurous family, the group of friends who’d like to have a good laugh together buckled in a Mad Max feel-like cage on four wheels riding through our furious area. 

This is a great way to explore the nature and a have a thrill whilst doing it. 


On this tour we’ll go through all kinds of terrain, we’ll start at our old harbor which is now a recreational area with dramatic shipwrecks and over hundred year old foundations that have remained unspoiled and protected for a reminder of the old life. We’ll drive through rocky mountain paths towards Mt.Thorbjorn, a dormant sleeping volcano that towers over the Blue lagoon. Our journey heads on to the one hundred craters of Eldvörp . If you are familiar with the Lord of the rings movies, you can say you’ve literally just entered Mordor. The area is full of volcanic craters and we’ll take a stop for a short hike to one of the them which has extensive thermal activity within and outside of the crater, where a great deal of steam of about 280´C escapes. This area is mostly only known by locals making it a true hidden gem for the newcomer!


We’ll ride alongside the one hundred crater row towards our local hot spring area Gunnuhver exploited by steam vents and mud pools. The mud pools form where steam from boiling geothermal resevoir water emanates and condenses and mixes with surface water. Accompanying gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide make the water acid. This causes alteration of the fresh lava rock to clay. The ride continues towards the ocean to see the very cool rock formations of Valahnukar were there are often great deal of high waves offering spectacular views when waves break on the troll-stone looking rocks. On that site you’ll also have a overlook to the volcanic island Eldey and the oldest lighthouse in Iceland.


The fun is not over yet, our next path is through a vicious black lava field bumpy terrain and one of Game of Thrones film spots towards the black sandy beach Sandvík where Clint Eastwood filmed the award-winning movie Flags of our fathers based on the battle of japanese island of Iwo Jima during WW2. A very picture friendly spot and sometimes you can even see brave surfers riding the waves. By the beach there are mighty fun sand dunes and the guide will pick a cool track through them if everyone is up to the task.


All of a sudden you are driving inside a rocky canyon, where your guide will stop for hot chocolate and twisted donuts. You are situated on the two continents of Eurasia and America. 

Let us take you on a adventure you’ll never forget! 

The tour starts at our base at 11:00.



ISK 25,900 ISK per person for ride-along.
Four in the buggy: 26,900 ISK per person

Three in the buggy: 32,900 ISK per person

Two in the buggy: 45,900 ISK per person

One in the buggy: 69,000 ISK per person

Age limit: 6 years, but driver´s license is required for ATV driver. 50% discount for children under 12.

Minimum 2 pax or minimum fee.

Includes: 3-4 hour ATV guided tour, light refreshments.




Pictures from this tour

Video from this tour

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