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About the tour


You will experience:

 New lava field in Nátthagi

 Spectacular mountain views

 Black sandy beach and old ruins

√ Gravel mountain road

√ Rugged coastline


The fun and exciting Lava Beach tour runs through historic lava fields, the old harbour area Hópsnes that now serves as a recreational outdoor area with abandoned dramatic shipwrecks and over hundred year old foundations from the beginning of Grindavík's settlement that remains unspoiled and protected for a reminder of the old life.

We will taka a short stop at the new Lava field This is the first volcanic eruption on Reykjanes peninsula in 800 years the eruption stopped in August 21st, 2022 but the lava still remains warm.

We continue our adventure by riding along the coastline with twisties through fun and mildly challenging mountain trails offering sightings that feel other-worldly.  You’ll feel amazed by the sights on the way where you can literally feel the human-voulnerable force our earth can pull up on us.


The mountain trail leads us to the black sandy beach of Selatangar (Sealbay). In this area there are old fishing huts from sub 11th century where fisherman stationed for outrowing until 1886. You’ll see foundations of their settlements where they only had carved lava rocks to build their huts and sheds from, using driftwood as rooftops.

They have been declared inviolate but are unfortunately a portion of them are getting slowly shattered from vicious wave breaks during high tide.

Note the volcano has stopped erupting but we will visit the new lava field in Nátthagi only 3-5min. hike the lava is still warm.

'We recently took a 2 hour 4x4 tour and it was fantastic! My husband and I switched who was driving about halfway through so we could each experience the thrill of driving and the ability to sit back and relax. The topography is absolutely stunning, at times I felt like I had been transported to another planet. We went along the coast, through lava fields, on top of cliffs and even to the top of a mountain. They gave us great weatherproof jumpsuits and boots as well as gloves and helmets so that we stayed warm and the guide was incredibly nice, and very willing to take photos for us! I would absolutely recommend taking time to explore on ATV's while visiting Iceland! ''


   Ashley C. - Trip advisor




Our tours start at our base at 11:00 and 15:00.





ISK 22,900 per person for two people on a bike.
Add 7,000 ISK per person for a single bike.

Must add solo fee for odd numbers and solo travelers.

Age limit: 6 years, but driver´s license is required for ATV driver. 50% discount for children under 12.

Minimum: 2 pax

Includes: 2-hour ATV guided tour.

we reserve the right to change routes because of weather or safety.

































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