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Adventurous guys in adventurous business // Part 1.

4x4 Adventures company was establised in 2007 by two sons and father who are pure motorheads and outdoors enthusiasts and got the idea during on of their enduro expedtions on Sport ATV's. Today 4x4 Adventures is the biggest ATV rental in Iceland, with up to 45 ATV/UTV available with 7 employess working full time. The business is full ongoing all year all seasons, in other words. more business means less time to play with our own toys. After one of our staff nightouts we stumbled up on the idea that we should do something about that. After few days of internet research we found this very cool place in the United states, a small redrock surrounding redneck village called Moab in the state of Utah. That place is apperantly like a mecca for ATV/UTV/ Other Outdoor activity enthusiasts. We get in contact with a UTV rental called High point hummer and we sent an inquiry for 5pcs of the mighty Polaris 1000cc. Date was set for 5th of May and we bought our flight tickets to the closest airport that ended up being Denver, Colorado.

Arriving on the airport we rented ourself a comfy SUV and hit the highway towards Utah. After a few stops on Mcdonalds we were there by midnight after a solid 6 hour drive. We didnt really see the canyoned landscape on the way since it was dark. We woke up the next day and walked outside and we were there in this insane landscape, Moab is basicly situated in a canyon and looking all wild western.

We didnt have the UTV's available until the day after so we figured to go for a drive and check out Moab. We decided to go workout the paperwork with High Point Hummer and noticed that they also had ATVs available in a area closeby,

Ofcourse the Icelandic ATV dudes were thrilled and went for it. We're all used to drive pretty high end ATV's but they had ones that we had never tried out before.

We drove up to the point were the ATV dropoff was just outside of Moab and we had our sights on three Honda Ranchers with manual electric shift box and the 2 little Polaris Aces wich are basicly ATVs with a cage and a steering wheel. We thought this was a guided tour but that was not the case. The staff handed us a old and worn map of the surrounding trails and drove off. We were in for a true adventure. The trails and the landscape over there are just plain spectacular, you feel like you are in one of John Wayne 's wild western cowboy movies, We ended up finishing all the trails in about 3 hours. The trails were very technical and difficult offering steep rock climbs at times. We couldnt figure out how the "avarage" person would do on them without killing themself. This was a track setting that we were not familar with consisted of endless grippy red bedrocks. The trails were pretty cool with exciting point of interest sights were we saw dynasaur bones and insane rock formations.

We even experienced the most powerful hail that us the the native icelanders had ever been in. Dont forget we were in the middle of a desert and the locals told us it was super rare. The Quads were awful, but in truth said that just made the tour more awesome and memorable for good laughs, at the end of the day its all about good fun holiday riding with your buddies.

Returning the bikes back to the dropoff point we headed back to the town and recharged our batterys for our UTV rally on the rocks. We would wake up early and grab the Polaris RZR's for our first hella-scary rockclimbing trail called: Hells Revenge...

To be continued ! :)


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