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Top 10 AMAZING facts about Iceland !

10. Elves

In a 1998 Survey, 54.4% of Icelanders said the believe in the existence of elves.

Some roads in Iceland have been moved because the lie too close to large rocks and boulders which are the homes of Icelandic elves.

9. No army

Iceland has no standing army, Their entire denfse consists of small Coast Guard, which patrols the Icelandic waters and airspace.

8. Skyr.

Skyr is an Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yogurt. It has been a part of Icelandic cuisine for overa thousand years. Recipes exist on how to make Skyr, but enenthusiasts say Icelanders hold the key. It is today exported worldwide and becoming more and more known.

7. The Icelandic Yule Lads

During Christmas, Iceland have the "13 Yule Lads". A few of the lads include: Spoon licker, Window peeper and Door slammer. These mischievous pranksters will either leave goodies or a potatoe, depending on your child's behavior.

6. Icelanders love Coca Cola.

Per capita, Icelander drink more Coca Cola than any other nation. They also have on the highest life expectancies. To top it off, polls show they are amongst the happiest people in the world.

5. Iceland is the smallest nation to qualify the World Cup finals in football.

Iceland sealed a place in Russia with a 2-0 victory against Kosovo in Reykjavik, becoming the smallest nation ever to qualify for a World Cupfinals. A country with a population of approximately 335,000. The previous smallest country to have reached the finals was Trinidad & Tobago in 2006 (1.3 million people) followed by Northern Ireland (1.85 million), Slovenia (2.08 million), Jamaica (2.89 million) and Wales (3.1 million).

4. Cleanest energy in the world.

Icelanders are very self-sufficient. Their water requires no filtering or heating, all thanks to natural springs from surrounding mountains. Also, over 80% of Iceland's total energy consumption is derived from hydro and geothermal sources, making it the cleanest energy consumer in the world.

3. Education and culture is high priority

In Iceland, education is a high priority. School is free of charge and Iceland sees a high number of writers, authors and artists. Per capita, Icelands also boasts the most movie theatre visits. Iceland also has the highest number of broadband internet connections per capital.

2. Too much dark and too much daylight.

During the winter solstice, there is only 4 hours and 7 minutes of daylight. During the Summer solstice, Iceland will enjoy 21 hours of sunlight.

1. Polar bears

The polar bear is considered the deadliest creature on Iceland. Ironically, they are not even native to Iceland; they float over from Greenland on ice blocks. Mosquito's also do not exist on Iceland.

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