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Top 5 areas you need to see in Reykjanes!

Are you scheduling your Iceland trip for the summer? Here's some great knowledge we would like to share ! You can experience all of those areas on our or combined with our ATV/Quad tours!

1. Sandvík

Located by the south west tip of the peninsula, Sandvik is like mini Reynisfjara ( The black sandy beach everyone visits on the south coast near Vík) , but just better since its quite remote and hard to get to unless your really planning on finding it. It offers a long 1km stretch of black sand and grassy dunes. Most of the time you will have the beach entirely for your self, unless you see us going through on the ATV's and occanionally guys riding the waves on their surf boards. Sandvík is one of the preferable spots for surfers in Iceland. It's also a film location for the movie Flags of our fathers by Clint Eastwood, a world war 2 movie based on the battle between the Japs and US on a volcanic island located south of Japan called Iwo Jima.

2. Kleifarvatn & Seltún

The lake Kleifarvatn is about 10 km². It is the largest of Reykjanes peninsula and the third largest of southern Iceland. It is about 97 m deep and one of the deepest lakes in Iceland. The lake has diminished since year 2000 because of two major earthquakes, which probably opened up fissures at its bottom. In the southernmost part a hot water from some hot springs runs into the lake but elsewhere the lake is very cold. Great place for photographers because of the volcanic surroundings of the lake are unique and beautiful.

3. Bridge between continents.

Bridge between Europe and North America on Reykjanes Peninsula.

The lava-scarred Reykjanes peninsula lies on one of the world's major plate boundaries, the Mid Atlantic Ridge. According to the continental drift theory the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are continuously drifting apart with great forces under the gaping rifts. As the plates diverge, linear fractures, known as fissures form due to stresses created by the tension that builds up as the plates move away from each other.

The Bridge between two continents at Sandvík is a small footbridge over a major fissure which provides clear evidence of the presence of a diverging plate margin. The bridge was built as a symbol for the connection between Europe and North America.

4. Krýsuvíkurbjarg

Krýsuvíkurbjarg is a cool stretch of cliffs along the coast line hosting big bird life in the southern part of the Reykjanes peninsula.

During summer, this sea cliffs host over 60,000 seabirds, with species such as puffins, sandpipers, guillemots and peewits all making it their home. It is, therefore, a paradise for birdwatchers. and at 40 metres tall, with a face that drops sheerly into the ocean, it’s quite an attraction in and of itself.

5. Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The spa is located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula​, about 5mins away from our ATV base so its great to combine with !

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