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Experience the Blue Lagoon Iceland

Since we‘ll have the oportunity during most of our tours to have a nice view over the Blue Lagoon (depending on the weather of course, which can be surprising in Iceland as you will surely experience it during your stay, if it’s not already the case), let’s take 5 minutes of our time to learn more about the Blue Lagoon and its surroundings.

Only 5min. drive from our base, it is located in the Southern Peninsula (also named Reykjanes Peninsula) in the southwest of Iceland.

Surprisingly, you will find a huge factory next to it. In reality, it is a Geothermal Power Plant that was built in 1976 in the Svartsengi geothermal field to produce electricity and hot water for district heating.

adventure Blue Lagoon Iceland Reykjanes

Photo taken on top of the mountain Hagafell from this point you will have amazing view over the Blue Lagoon.

As measured in 2007, its energy is about 475 litres/second of 90 degrees hot water. The waste of water is used to fill up the well known bathing and healing resort, the Blue Lagoon. Its water is very rich in silica and sulphur, between other minerals, that helps make your skin sweet as a baby. It is also known to be helpful for skin diseases such as psoriasis. In fact, you can book if interested a reservation for one of their treatment. Get more information here.

The temperature of the 6 million litres of milky blue seawater area is very comfortable, averaging 37-39 degrees. You should also know that the water is entirely renewed every 40 hours.

There are a lot of things to do in the Blue Lagoon: besides swimming and enjoying breathtaking views, you can relax in their sauna and of course enjoy a range of luxurious massages, either in the Blue Lagoon of in their world class spa. Their white silica mud mask is also very popular. You can find two bars in the water, one for drinks and one for masks if you wish to have one.

Their restaurant, called Lava Restaurant, serves traditional Icelandic food into a modern designed atmosphere built inside an amazing lava cliff.

If you’re with a group of 11 people or more, you can book for a guided tour in the Blue Lagoon, which includes a special session in their Crazy Lab. This tour is approximately 40min long and is suitable for everyone.

Around the Blue Lagoon area you will be able to see Hagafell Moutain, which you can drive on top of during most of our tours. You will have a panoramic view over the Blue Lagoon, Keflavik, Grindavik and Eldey Island. Everything visited with us has an interesting story to tell that our guides will love sharing with you.

So what are you waiting for? Combine your thrilling adventure with us with this relaxing activity! It’s probably the best way of discovering our country and especially a must do when you come to Iceland.

Photo is taken on one of our private tours that end on the ATV´s at the Blue Lagoon.

Do not forget to book your Blue Lagoon ticket online and remember we have free pick-up at the Blue Lagoon four time a day.

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