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What to do in July ? What are the most top things to do in Iceland and how is weather like? How am i supposed to prepare ?

July is kind of the peak of summer in Iceland, the temperature is typically between 12-13c in coastline areas but can reach up to 18-19c ( or higher ) if you go further up in the country, July is also the busiest month for tourism and the busiest month for locals who are enjoying their hardly earned vacation from work. There are tons of things to do in this time, exploring the country side, doing tours or soaking up the sun downtown Reykjavik. In july its best pack light clothing but take a good coat and a warm sweater with you since there is always possibility of some rain ! :) We recommend buying a "lopapeysa", the icelandic hand knitten wool sweater if you want to look like a real íslendingur ! You can buy one from us if you visit or find them in the next "Lundabúð" (tourist shop) in Reykjavík.

What tours should i do ?

Here are a few of our favourite picks;

Blue Lagoon

Home to one of 25 wonders of the world, Blue Lagoon Iceland is a place where the powers of geothermal seawater create transformational spa journeys.

ATV & Buggy tours

Probably the best way to explore our rugged countryside and have a blast while doing it ! You can book this adventure on our website ofcourse !

Mountain biking

Biking through our lavafields can offer breathtaking moments and create memories that are hard to forget, its also a great excercise wich is good since food in Iceland is very good and you will be eating to much of it ! We recommend Andri who operates the tours is a true nature goat and people say he looks a bit like Ragnar Loðbrók in Vikings !

Horse riding

A trek on the hardy, sure-footed Icelandic horse is an experience to remember. Whether you are a beginner or expert, old or young, these friendly horses, with their alert and willing nature are indeed a pleasure to ride in their natural surroundings.

We recommend tours since their riding environment is something else.

Bar crawl

You have to experience the nightlife in Reykjavík. We highly recommend going on pub crawl tours if you are travelling solo ( or not ). Its a great way to meet fellow adventurists who are ready to party and have a knowledgable guide to make sure you are at the right place with the right drink in your hand ! We recommend our friends at

So these are our favourite picks at the moment, dont hesitate to contact us if you want more infos & tips what to do here !

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