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Hey its Jonas here from team 4x4 !

Christmas is coming in all its glory and im so EXCITED about christmas and to be able to share my local knowledge about how to have a great holiday here with tips on what tours to do and which events are cool to attend to make your stay more memorable !

I wrote this for your benefit of having the best stay possible during christmas in Iceland and most likely you are coming over since you are still reading this ! ;) If not, maybe next year! Its all good knowledge.

Here below i will answer the most frequent questions i get from customers on my tours and now they are available for all of you who are coming or deciding on spending christmas in ICELAND!


Christmas in Iceland 2018! What are absolute must do tours during Christmas time in Iceland?

Can you see the northern lights during Christmas season?

Will no one judge me if try the reputable icelandic horsemeat?

Where are the best places to stay? And more..

Scroll down for all your answers in the blog!


Can you see the northern lights during christmas season and what's the best way to see them?

Yes absolutely! december is a great month for the lights, as long as the clouds are not in the way. Most of the time we have a few nights where the activity levels are so high you can see them hovering from the sky right in the city square! However, for the best possible experience i recommend doing a guided tour with a professional who takes you out of the city from any light pollution so you can see the green lights dance at their brightes. We can help you schedule your private northern light hunt, drop us a line!


Where are the best places to stay and have a lovely christmas?

Depends on if you want to be in the city or just slighty outside. But my favourite choice would be the Retreat Hotel by the Blue lagoon.


Its a extended private resort of the Blue lagoon, only 40min from Reykjavik center and 20min from the airport, offering a luxorious and comfortable stay.

Staying in Reykjavík center over christmas is also a option i would highly recommend. Here is why -

Icelanders love to put up lots of lights and decorations therefor the spirit can light up the most anti-christmas Grinch types once they walk the main street. There are also lots of fun events downtown around christmas and the city square is lively and full of people.

I can vouch for pretty much all of the hotels with decent rating but i would recommend looking into locations close to the mainstreet.


What tours are suitable and must do for this season ?

It's a tough question because there is so much to do here and very personal dependant but since you are reading a blog written by a ATV operator i might be able to tell you what you like so i'll pick my favourable 8 !

1. Super jeep tour golden circles

We can have some serious snow here in december so i'd pick a guided super jeep tour for the job they are also a lot of fun to ride in !

on this tour you will see;

- Þingvellir national park where the first parliament was formed or "Alþingi" during the viking era.

- Continental divide of Eurasia and America.

- The widely known Geysir.

- Gullfoss waterfalls.

2. Snowmobile tour in Langjökull glacier.

Its good to combine this tour with the golden circle tour since they are not far away from each other. Snowmobiling in Langjökull is def. one of my favourite picks! On a good day the views up there are spectacular and the ride itself is alot of fun aswell. I would book a private tour for the best experience.

3. ATV tour in Grindavík.

Often noted as a highlight of our customers stay in Iceland, We combine fun,thrill, and side seeing altogether.We are proud to be able to deliver good memories that you will look back to. Check out our trips advisor reviews for customers feedback!

4. Super jeep / Buggy northern light tour.

Great way to see the lights with a knowledgable guide and a serious vehicle to take you there !

5. Surfing tour with our friend Ingó !

absolute blast and a good way to get out of your little comfort box, Ingó and crew take both experienced and inexperienced adventurists on COLDWATER surfing expeditions, exploring the best surf spots in Iceland.

6. Guided nightlife in Reykjavík

Highly recommended by solo travellers, great way to meet people and get a guided pub crawl tour to help you survive the night the best way possible !

7. Blue Lagoon

Must do when in Iceland !

8. Glacier hike on the south coast.

Hike on a rugged glacier and explore the amazing cracks!

Let us help you plan your Iceland stay! Drop us a line on

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