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Buggy ride is the pure family fun.

Our Side by sides off-road buggies are growing more and more popular. They’re the perfect fit for the adventurous family, the group of friends who’d like to have a good laugh together buckled in a Mad Max feel-like cage on four wheels riding through our furious area.

A great way to explore the nature and doing something new and exciting at the same time. We have the best in business Polaris Side by side cars equipped with Double A-Arm suspension and a powerful grunty motor synced to a 4WD drivetrain, they are a pure blast to drive.

The sides by sides are still user friendly and are fully automatic to make sure everyone who is capable is up to the task. One side by side buggy carries a total of 4 passengers including the driver and we offer them for 1 hour trips up to full day ones. You can combine the buggy tours with the Blue lagoon where we go out and tear the track up and end the tour by the Blue lagoon where we say our goodbyes and you go in for a relaxation in the geothermal SPA.


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