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Adventurous guys in adventurous business // Part 2.

For a guy who's into anything on wheels Moab is your true wonderland. Moab is a unique Western community situated in the red rock country of Southeastern Utah on the Colorado River. The city is surrounded by public lands used for recreation such as ATV/UTV Riding,mountain biking, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, highlining, B.A.S.E. jumping, skydiving and many more. Because the area is rich in these recreational opportunities, Moab has become the hub of tourist activity and services.

And we were surely not dissapointed with our experience!

The Rally on the rocks

We woke up early in the morning and headed to the rental to pick up our Polaris RZR. We got briefed about the rental terms and how the RZR works, even though we have the same type model

at home, but as a company in the same industry we totally understood, safety is our first concern in our own business. Once again we were handed a old worn map of the Sand flats recreation area trails. We took off and there we were, 5 icelandic amigos driving each of our own dunebuggies on the main street of Moab, ready for a insane day, it tooks us awhile to find the correct route to get to the Sand flat recreational area, but ofcourse the incredible author of this blog who has a super sens of direction took care of business and led us the right way.

arriving to the recration area entrance there was a gated station that charged a small fee for a days pass. This was on a normal saturday and our first sight inside the area was a enormous parking lot for the Slick Rock Mountain bike trail and there were at least 1000 bikers on the lot, giving you the idea of how big of a outdoor mecca this is. Our first trail was supposed to be a rock climbing trail called Hells revenge but we decided to start off on a bit easier once since we had no experience on this kind of terrain. We started on a novice trail called "Fins and Things" and at first i was in the lead of our group. To start off with it was challenging enough, the itenary begins with a fun twisty trail through the rocks until we reach our first obsticle, rockclimbing down such a declined path that you basicly just hung on the seatbelt, we were pretty anxious about it at first, we didnt really have the sens for how insane the traction is on this kind of rock. We quickly got used to it though and when i look back starting off on this trail was a good decision. This track was so fun, it was a mix of rock climbing and twisty tubes of sanddunes were you gave it full gas and drifted through them Ken Block Gymkhana style. This is easily said one of my best out of country experience ever. There were lots of friendly people on Jeeps and other UTVs that we met on the way, the jeeps went a little slower then us, but it was amazing to see what they were capable of with only the slightest modifications. You could tell who were locals and tourists, the locals had their own tricked out machines and most of the time they had a beer in their hand out of the window while taking on the rock climbs. Moab seems to be built for the adventures people who like to finish work on friday and spend the weekend doing what they love, it truly felt like home to us.

We had the best time ever throughout the day trying out most of the trails doing the Hells Revenge one for our grand finale were we did the most challenging rock climbs, enjoyed the ever-exciting sceneries, hung out with the locals and shared our stories. It was all about going out there and just have a really good time. The locals would gather around a certain obstacle and would switch turns taking a shot at them, lay back and drink beer, laughing and cheering for the ones who went for it.

I truly recommend to anyone to step outside of the box of your everyday routine and go out and explore the unknown, we truly understand now what our customers experience when they join us

for a thrilling quad adventure in a environment thats completely new to you. We feel priviliged to be in a business were we are able to deliver sensational adventures to the newcomer where you never know where the road is going to take you next and create good memories that will live on forever.


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