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Sigur Rós – Glósóli scenes from our Trip to the Moon and Volcanic Safari tour ATV & Buggy tours.

Sigur Rós music band! Have you heard about the Icelandic band called Sigur Rós? This amazing Icelandic band was formed in 1994 and they have been getting more and more popular by the years. They are huge succes on Youtube and their videos are hitting millions and even videos that their fans are posting on Youtube are hitting over million views.

Great music and the landscape is to die for come and explore on the Quad bikes or Buggy if not at least enjoy this video and dream about Iceland, dreams will only take you half way.

We just wanted to tell you about this Icelandic band because we stumbled upon a video that is really cool and the good thing about it is that big parts of it are in the same places that we visit in two of our tours in Buggy or ATV s, often people also call ATV s , Quad or 4 wheeler you can choose. One of the tours is called Trip to the Moon and on this tour you will experience “Valahnúkur” Volcanic cliff where they run up and off the cliff in the end of the video. We also offer tour called Volcanic Safari. On that tour you will find more sights that you see in the video like also “Valahnúkur” and the thermal area “Seltún”.

The video is shot to the island Eldey or Fire Island. The Island is a big habitat of the bird called “Súla” also called “Gannet” or “Morus Bassanu” the bird itself is 90-100cm long and the wings can span from 170-180cm. That is crazy because that is like a size of a person! They often dive from 10-40 meters above the sea into it to get something to eat. Súla is the biggest sea bird in Europe click on this link if you like to see live video from the Eldey.

Join us for Trip to the Moon or Volcanic safari and let us know that you want to walk up the cliff Valahnúkur and we will make sure you will experience that, but please don’t style the video and jump off the cliff lets turn home safe and sound! If you are not up for driving the ATV´s / Quad or the buggy that´s no problem you can also book ride-along with our guides in buggy and we have two 4 seater buggy and one two seater and all our ATV s are 2 persons.

This photo is taken on the Black sandy beach Called Sandvík you can see that beach in beginning of the video this could be you on an ATV or Buggy.

Enjoying homemade twisted donuts and warm chocolate the place is below Valahnúkur volcanic cliff.

Yes our Trip to the Moon and Volcanic Safari are truly amazing and this video makes it so much more exciting hope to see you one day in Iceland.

Our grandmother makes the icelandic twisted donuts that we serve in Trip to the Moon and Volcanic safari groups can also pay extra and get it in any of our tours.

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