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Sonar for the SOUND, ATV for the THRILL

Sonar music festival is a yearly event held in Reykjavik in february, Sonar has always been a big thing for us, every year thirsty music enthusiasts fly in to Reykjavik all over from the world to experience the culty underground music scene full of ever-exciting icelandic and foreign acts. We've had our fair share of bands and acts joining us for a quad adventure during their stay, naming the Arctic monkey's and entourage for a fullday tour ending at the Blue Lagoon, Bam Margera's cKy band and more.

They dont arrive here just for the music, Iceland is a true adventureland where people escape their normal life for cool day trips and activities, experiencing our lunar-looking landscape having a great time doing what they love. Sonar weekend is so awesome that way, combing day activities with the furious nightlife and range of music acts Sonar offers. We saw a huge increase in our trips during last Sónar, people booked us for a Quad/ATV adventure and chillaxed in the Blue lagoon afterwards enjoying a few cold beers in the lagoon pool bar ( How cool is that btw? ), They told us gladly this combo was the best hangover cure ever and they were energezied and ready for the next rampage of a crazy nightout in our music center Harpa downtown Reykjavik . Last years Sónar Reykjavík biggest act was the world famous electronic dubstep artist Skrillex, ( he's the guy who is teaming up with Justin Bieber nowdays ). He checked out our ATV tour and the surroundings of our cool area around the Blue Lagoon, super cool and a humble guy, his team made a short video about their trip and you can check it our here below;

If you're that guy who likes to step out of the box, enjoy good music and explore something totally new, join us on the Sonar Weekend for a Quad/Blue lagoon combo and get energized for the night !

Since we've always had a great experience and alot of fun with the past Sónar "Weekend warriors" we're going to offer a discount over the music festival weekend ! :=)

Send us a booking inquiry on with the code "SonarATV" and the tour you want to book and you'll receive a 15% discount on all our trips between 17-21 february.

Have a good weekend !

ATV team

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